Investor Questionnaire

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Investor Questionnaire

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 28, 2016 1:17 pm

Dear fellow Costa Rica lot owner and/or investor into Eric Neuvert’s scheme in Costa Rica:

There are a number of us making efforts to recover our monies from this crook and levy against real estate he still owns in Costa Rica (hidden under different names and titles), along with potential other assets. Eric Neuvert is currently being sought criminally by the Municipality and Police of Parrita. You can google Eric Neuvert, Paradigma Construccion, Neuvert Consulting, and see for yourself, along with other confirming reports and complaints connected with his
If you are interested in joining our efforts, please reply ASAP.
We are in the process of looking for and retaining a Costa Rica attorney.
The more of us that combine our efforts, the less the cost will be.
We have a source who is in the process of providing us with detailed information about this Con-Man’s assets that we can levy against, along with other vert helpful information.

1) Please reply to each item (you can state your answers in bold or highlights right by each item:

2) Are you interested in joining us? – Yes or No (Even if No, please reply anyway and tell us so that we can take your name off the list)

3) If you are interest, please provide
a) Your full name
b) $$$ amount you were ripped off
c) name of development in which you “invested” (Rio Del Mar, Michelle Marie, Villa Bungalow, Ives Kena (Golfito), etc.)
d) briefly state names or description of whatever documents you have
e) what proof of payments you have – dates and amounts you paid
f) any other relevant information you might have
g) provide the full complete name or title under which your real estate “investment” is listed
h) any other relevant information (who, when you spoke to, emailed, etc., approximate dates, etc.)

4) If you have already contacted an attorney, please let us know his/her contact information

5) Most important – if you have any contact with either Eric Neuvert, Cristian Lepiz Guzman (his attorney), Michael Bynum, or Gary Swaney, DO NOT provide them with any of this information. They are all on Eric’s side and all our efforts would likely be fruitless.

We need this information to determine if we can get enough people to join our recovery efforts, if and how we can proceed, what the legal costs (pro-rated according to your investment amounts) might be.


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Post by edcall on Sun Aug 28, 2016 5:06 pm

2. Yes
a. Edward John Call
b. $20,000.00
c. Villa Bungalow
d. Addendum to Villa Bungalow Sales contract
Letter from the notary
National Registry
Lot Reservation
Letters from Paradigma
e. We wrote a check to our friend who was at the event for $19000.00 on 2/10/2006
g. We hold title under our name
4. We don't have an attorney
5.We don't plan on talking to anyone
Please let me know if there is anything going on.
Thank you, Ed Call


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